Learn Medical Terminology

It can be a bit difficult to find a medical terminology course online. However, there are ways to use the internet to learn medical terminology for little or no money.


Doctors and nurses are not the only people who can benefit from learning medical terminology. Medical transcriptionists and Health information specialists are some of the behind the scenes people who need to know medical terminology. It’s very helpful for someone who works around medical and healthcare industries to know a little bit and some of the basic medical terms. It’s even not a bad thing for the average person to learn as than you will have a better understanding of what your doctor is talking about.

Medical terminology uses a basic system of prefixes, word roots and suffixes. Medical language teaches you what they mean and how they are put together to make medical words. For instance, hypokalemia and hypothermia will use the same suffix, “hypo.” If you know that “hypo” means deficient or under, then you know that both of those words are talking about being under or deficient in something. Because the learning is setup to be logical and systematic, it is easy to learn medical terminology online. Some online medical terminology courses include great interactive software that can teach you how to pronounce the words. This can be very helpful if your a foreigner or have trouble pronouncing words.

You can find some good low-cost options for learning medical terminology. A lot of  schools offer Medical Terminology 1, 2, 3, and charge minimal fees for each level. Sometimes you can find specific classes titled Medical Terminology for (CNAs, X-Ray Techs or MA’s) at pretty reasonable prices. But please keep in mind, the class may use the vocabulary that the target audience is most likely to hear, but medical terminology is medical terminology. If you’re an X-ray tech, you’ll learn what you need in a Medical Terminology for CNAs class and their won’t be that much of a difference.

Learning Medical Terminology can be very useful for anyone who works in and around the medical field. It’s like learning Spanish if you plan to work in Spain. You might be able to get by without it, but it will make your job  a lot easier if you speak the language.

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